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Wellness Warriors Radio

Dec 31, 2018

Wellness Warriors Radio is your go-to resource for open and candid conversation about the nuances of health and wellness. In each episode discover a unique perspective on living optimally.  Join us to discuss a wide-range of health topics – sometimes controversial, sometimes with opposing views – setting the stage for you to decide what works best for YOU.

This week, Beth interviews Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Kara Halderman.  Host of the podcast “Straight Up Paleo”, and former host of the podcast “Low-Carb Conversations”, Kara works with women all over the country on a number of levels to help them achieve their healthiest potential.  Furthermore, she is an NLP Practitioner, so is versed in a collection of techniques focused on guiding clients to overcome subconscious programs that can sabotage their health.  

In this episode, Beth and Kara discuss…

  • Kara’s own journey into an awareness of nutrition and health.
  • How to bounce back from illness and rounds of sometimes unavoidable antibiotic treatments.  
  • Disordered eating, and how NLP can be utilized to break free of negative cycles.
  • Some interesting stories from Kara’s own podcast interviews.  


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