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Wellness Warriors Radio

Aug 31, 2020

How you think has a profound impact on how you act and how you act filters into all aspects of your life – from how you think about yourself, how others treat you, your relationships, your job and even your health. These behaviors often subconsciously prevent you from living your best life experience and creating the life you want and deserve.

This week, Michal welcomes fellow Wellness Warrior Luly Martin, a dynamic lifestyle coach who combines her vast experience in personal training and movement with targeted lifestyle coaching. She helps you discover your true self by guiding you in the unlearning of the negative self-talk that triggers limiting behaviors. You then begin to gain the skills necessary to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Combined with the physical effects of a tailored workout and movement program, Luly’s specific dynamic coaching methodology helps you find fulfillment, resilience, and joy in your life, breaking through mental barriers and find alignment between body and mind. This allows you to design and create your best life

In this week’s episode we discuss…

  • What is dynamic coaching
  • How we are dimming ourselves
  • Managing yourself
  • Creating effective communication so we both listen and feel heard
  • The power of ‘no’
  • Creating and designing your life specifically
  • Luly’s philosophy and her 4 foundational pillars
  • Having fun

Mentioned in this episode...

  • Connect with Luly and request your FREE 20 minute exploratory session by visiting her website Heart & Drive

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