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Wellness Warriors Radio

May 23, 2022

Warren Wellness MD, is owned by a doctor and physician assistant, targets the burnout, secondary trauma, and mental wellness components of health care professionals through credentialed continuing education in the format of intimate retreats, corporate wellness initiatives, and telehealth counseling services.  We acknowledge the barriers of stigma, culture of perfection, time constraints and lack of resources and provide a “how to” action plan to execute these skills with the goal of saving the lives of those saving the lives of others.

Our podcast begins with this powerful personal story…

“During July 2020, I stood in a dark room, full of dinging alarms, machines, tubes, and monitors, positioned between a married couple, each in their own bed on either side of me, each attached to their own high-level oxygen, with me covered head to toe in plastic, leaving only a form of my humanistic side to the imagination. I looked into the fearful eyes of a woman on the other side of my Facetime screen explaining to her that both of her parents’ health from COVID-19 had declined rapidly and if she did not decide immediately, she would likely lose both parents within the hour.  This couple was my first introduction to the consequences of the pandemic on families and the severity of secondary trauma on health care professionals.”

While the past few years have taken a toll on us all in different ways, we’re honored to have had this discussion to find ways we can support each other in coming out the other side – perhaps even better than we were before, living more balanced and meaningful lives.

In this special episode of the Wellness Warriors Radio podcast, we discuss:

  • A behind-the-scenes story of what it was like working in a hospital COVID unit at the height of the global pandemic
  • Challenges we all face getting what we need for our own personal care and how we can find ways to overcome them
  • The professional stigma healthcare professionals face in taking care of their own health
  • The impact of compassion fatigue and boundaries we need to set when it comes to empathy 
  • Strategies to deal with stress in the moment – even in high-stress jobs 
  • The impact of isolation on our mental, emotional, and physical health
  • Alternative and complementary options to pharmacological psychiatry 
  • Multiple ways to engage in activities prevent burnout
  • The importance of group support to cultivate collective wellbeing
  • And much more…

Now more than ever, we want to foster a sense of support and community amongst our tribe of Wellness Warriors. After listening, please share you experience or questions about this topic in our Wellness Warriors Facebook Group!  We love connecting with you.

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