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Wellness Warriors Radio

Sep 14, 2020

You deserve an exceptional life for an exceptional you. When you focus on having better health, you will have better performance in all areas of your life and you will increase your longevity. You might not see it yourself yet, but there is an exceptional person inside of YOU

This week, Michal welcomes a true Wellness Warrior to the podcast. Deepak Saini is a Health, Performance and Longevity Coach.

He knows what it is like to have a stressful corporate job, raising a family and trying to do the right things for his health.

Eventually suffering from an autoimmune condition and injured back, these two health challenges ultimately became a turning point for him.

He overcame those issues as well as his lifelong battle with obesity and brings a unique perspective to working with his clients.

When this father of two is not spending time with his wife and little girls, he is researching and staying at the forefront of emerging and cutting-edge health research.

Deepak is committed to helping his clients live long and productive lives, supporting them in ‘dying young’. His personal goal is to be a centenarian! With his focus on the three l’s: lose fat, less pain and live longer he works with his clients to find what is the best course of action for each individual.

Deepak is also a speaker, course instructor and published writer.

In this week’s episode we discuss…

  • Deepak’s road to being a Performance & longevity Coach
  • How conventional advice may have steered you wrong
  • Longevity and how to live a long life and die young
  • How Deepak works with and helps clients
  • The seven Areas to Build your Own Personal Blue Zone:
    • Mind and Motivation
    • Glycemic Variability
    • Movement/ Exercise
    • Stress Mitigation
    • Air & Water Quality "Environmental Factors"
    • Don't do Stupid Things
    • Biohacking/ Advanced Topics

And much more…..

Mentioned in this episode...

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