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Wellness Warriors Radio

Oct 18, 2021

This week, Michal chats with fellow Wellness Warrior Liana Ledgerwood.

Liana is an entrepreneur, mother of two little ones and a wife of a professional soccer player.  After receiving her bachelors in education and becoming a school teacher she soon realized that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and be an entrepreneur.  She left her teaching job to run a multi-million-dollar restaurant and eventually left that to open her own hot yoga studio. 

With a positive exit almost 5 years later she was on a journey of being a wife and mother and realized that the breastfeeding world needed a change.  She taught herself how to sew, cut patterns and design and 4 years later she had created a nursing bra that was cute, sexy and functional and called the brand Milae Collective.  Launching this company during a pandemic has not been easy especially when you include running two hot yoga studios and teaching 10 yoga classes per week. This mama is busy.  She wouldn't change a thing knowing that the opportunities that have come her way are from her hard work and dedication to building her dreams.

In this week’s episode we discuss…

  • Liana’s story and the evolution of Milae
  • How Liana defines wellness
  • Keeping motivation going even through the most challenging of times
  • How yoga is beyond simply a job
  • Lessons from being a young entrepreneur
  • The future of Milae and how you see things growing
  • Advice to moms, working or not

……..and much more

Mentioned in this episode...

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