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Wellness Warriors Radio

Jan 28, 2019


Wellness Warriors Radio is your go-to resource for open and candid conversation about the nuances of health and wellness. In each episode discover a unique perspective on living optimally.  Join us to discuss a wide-range of health topics – sometimes controversial, sometimes with opposing views – setting the stage...

Jan 21, 2019

Who says it needs to be January to do a diet reset?

In this episode, Beth & Michal give you the inside scoop on the new program they developed – The Anytime Reset – to help YOU decide when it’s the right time for YOU to refresh your diet, simply with success!

Don’t miss out…for a LIMITED TIME we’re offering...

Jan 14, 2019

There are thousands of diets and possibly just as many myths about which one to follow for optimal results.  While there are many perspectives on what constitutes the “right” way to diet, particularly when it comes to fat loss.

In this episode of Wellness Warriors Radio, Beth & Michal discuss their Top 5 Diet Myths...

Jan 7, 2019

Happy 2019!  It’s that time when we’re all setting resolutions, many of which involve some aspect of health.  Despite our best intentions starting out, most people don’t follow through with their resolutions and find themselves in an endless cycle every year.

In this episode, Beth & Michal share their...